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Prima / Experţi / Preda Marian
Preda Marian // Publicatii (2)

 ProfileMarian PREDA (9.05.1963)


[Date from – Date to] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
University of Bucharest, 1996-2001 PhD in Sociology. The PhD thesis subject has been on social policy and it was published as a book in 2002. With support from a World Bank financed project Mr. Preda spent 3 months as PhD documenta-tion period in Cambridge, UK.
Tiffin University, Ohio, USA , 2004 - 2006 MBA – graduated with distinction
University of Bucharest, 1995 Mr. Preda has also graduated an one year MA in Social Policy  (from which 6 months where spent in UK as MA student)
1994 BA diplomas in Sociology
1989 BA in Mechanical Engineering

Membership of professional bodies:

2001 Member of the National Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion Commission
2002 Member of the Executive Board of the Romanian Association of European Studies and of Romanian Euro-pean Institute
2004 Member of the University of Bucharest Senate
2005 Member of the National Population and Development Commission

Present position:

• Vice-Dean of The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work,
• Member of The Bucharest University Senate
• Executive director of The European Study Centre for Social Policy and Employment

Key qualifications:  

Dr. Preda has 15 years experience in carrying out researches on social issues as researcher at the Research Institute for Quality of Life and within the University. The results of the researches have been published in various books and reviews. He also teaches at the University or in intensive training programs issues related to EU social policy, Romanian social policy in the international context and takes part at international confer-ences. Dr. Preda has also a good experience in writing and implementing projects financed by international organizations as the EU, UNICEF, UNFPA, the Word Bank, some of them developed together with foreign partner Universities from UK, Sweden, Holland, Greece, etc.  He has been also working as trainers on EU social policy in Romania (for the European Institute in Romania), on project management circle (for The Min-istry of Labour and Social Solidarity) and in The Republic of Moldavia (for UNICEF and also for UNFPA). He has been also consultant for The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and social Solidarity, National Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion Commission of the Romanian Government under projects financed by EU, DFID and The World Bank. 

Professional experience:

from – to Location Company Position Description
Febr. 2000-present Romania University of Bu-charest Vice-Dean of The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, reader, and Executive director of The Euro-pean Study Centre for Social Policy and Em-ployment, Dr. Preda has been responsible for managerial activi-ties, Faculty’s development projects, teaching courses and seminars (usually on EU social policy and Romanian Social Policy) and management of the European study centre.
2006 Romania UNFPA Consultant Dr Preda has been one of the two consultants prepar-ing the draft of “Population Green Paper in Romania” further adopted by the Romanian Government
2004-2005 Romania Bernanr Brunhes International Romanian Short Term Expert
Social Services Insti-tution Building Project” – RO 0108.02 – Euro-peaid/114101/D/SV/RO
 Dr Preda has been responsible for the training com-ponent (together with two international experts). He organised an MA program and a conversion training program in Social Work for about 170 trainees work-ing in public social services as well as other short term/ intensive training programs on social issues. 
Nov. 2003– March 2004 Romania Ministry of La-bour and Social Solidarity Consultant National Report on Sources of Social Exclusion in Romania
2002-2003 Republic of Moldova UNICEF Moldova External Consultant Research consultancy on child social protection
2003 Republic of Moldova UNFPA Moldova External Consultant National Report on Millennium Development Goals and Population and Development Indicators
May 2001-June 2002  Romania FAS International Consulting Lim-ited/ Ministry of Education
 Consultant European Commission, PHARE-RO-PAO/CFCU the programme “Preparation of Project Fiches- Access to Education for disadvantaged groups, with special fo-cus on Roma”. Dr. Preda was responsible for issues regarding education and social exclusion of Roma minority and for contributing to the general report. He prepared the information needed for the project fiches such as statistical data, definitions, selection criteria, monitoring and performance indicators, etc.
June 2001- April 2002 Romania Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion Commission of The Romanian Government, Ministry of La-bour and Social Solidarity and Birks Sinclair Local consultant, DFID financed project Dr. Preda was responsible for preparing 2 sectors of the Strategy: child issues and social excluded groups (especially Roma minority) and for contributing to the general report. He prepared the diagnoses of the so-cial problems and social policies related to the 2 ar-eas (child and Roma), identified antipoverty and so-cial inclusion best practices in the EU member coun-tries or in Romania and proposed potential solutions and monitoring indicators. He has been also respon-sible for defining social exclusion and contributing with some other specific issues.
October-November 2001 Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity and Birks Sinclair Course and Workshop De-veloper, DFID financed project  Dr. Preda had prepared training course materials on Project Management Circle and taught 2 sessions for future trainers selected from 42 counties in Romania under the project “Institutional Support for the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity ”

August 2000  UNICEF Moldavia Trainer, Mr. Preda prepared and taught 2 modules on social policy and poverty and social exclusion in the 2 weeks training project “Support for Developing Social Work education in Republic of Moldavia” financed and organized by UNICEF - Moldavia
June-July 2000  UNICEF Romania External Evalua-tor  Mr. Preda was member of the international team of 4 external evaluators of the UNICEF programs in Ro-mania. He participated in field visits, discussions, in-terviews and analyses that conducted to a Report regarding previous activities and suggestions for fur-ther developments of UNICEF’s program in Romania.
May-June 2000 Phare pro-ject “Train-ing in European Affairs” Local Trainer  Mr. Preda prepared together with international expert Yves Chassard the module on European Social Pol-icy and taught it to 2 groups of decision makers ands experts from welfare related ministries.
Mr. Preda also prepared together with Yves Chassard the brochure “Social Policy of the EU” pub-lished in Romanian language by the European Insti-tute of Romania.
Febr. 1998-Febr. 2000 Romania Faculty of Soci-ology and Social Work, University of Bucharest Lecturer Teaching courses and seminars (usually on social policy and sociology of organizations) and writing and developing research projects and international pro-jects (Tempus, Erasmus, World Bank, etc.) 
1995, 1997, 1999, 2002  World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF  Expert Mr. Preda carried out theoretical and field researches and written reports on social issues: Roma social ex-clusion, child protection, human development in Ro-mania
Sept. 1995-Febr. 1998 Romania Faculty of Soci-ology and Social Work, University of Bucharest Assistant professor Teaching seminars (on social policy and sociology of organizations) and taking part in research projects.
February. 1991-Sept. 1995  Romania The Research Institute for Qual-ity of Life, Roma-nian Academy Researcher Carrying out research projects as team members or coordinator. Writing reports and articles.
Sept. 1989-Oct. 1990  Romania Toplet Mechani-cal Enterprise, Caras-Severin County Mechanical engineer Managerial responsibilities for a small team and some sub-products.


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• Starea tineretului român - 1994 (Condition of the Romanian Youth in 1994), in Revista de cercetari sociale, No. 1/1994.
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• “Caracteristici ale Excluziunii Sociale la Populatia de Romi din România” (Social Exclusion of The Roma Population in Romania) in  “STAREA SOCIETÃŢII ROMÂNEŞTI DUPÃ 10 ANI DE TRANZIŢIE” Co-ord. C.Zamfir, Ilie Bãdescu, E.Zamfir, Editura Expert, Bucureşti, 2000, pp 554-570
• “Die soziale Ausgrenzung der Roma in Rumanien und ihre Ursachen” in the book “VERDAMMT ZU MARGINALITAT? – DIE ROMA IN RUMANIEN”, Verlag InterGraf- Resita, 2001, pp.69-89
• “POLITICA SOCIALA A UNIUNII EUROPENE”  (Social Policy of The European Union) – author together with Yves Chassard, Romanian European Institute, Bucharest, 2001
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• “ROMII IN ROMANIA” (Roma in Romania ”), coord. Catalin Zamfir, Marian Preda Expert Publishing House, Bucharest, 2002
• „THE PENSION SYSTEM IN ROMANIA” -  ”SISTEMUL DE ASIGURĂRI DE PENSII IN ROMANIA - PROBLEME MAJORE SI SOLUŢII - Co-ord. Marian Preda, IER, Bucharest, 2004 (Printed in English and Romanian)
“COMPORTAMENT ORGANIZATIONAL” (Organizational Behaviour”), Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi, 2006

Prima / Experţi / Preda Marian
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