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„Get out of the box!” About leaders and their qualities
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Schools for political leadership participants had the opportunity to know better and were involved in activities that used their imagination and creativity for “getting out of the box".

The trainer, Peter-Vlad Ianusevici, founder of the Academy "Nicolae Dumitrescu" aimed through this course the personal assessment of each participant and the team building.

"Managing emotions is an important quality for a leader. Sometimes it is better to keep emotions for us, sometimes it is good to expose them. Man's inner world is very complex and takes time to strike a balance. Many times we have to accept certain situations, words, emotions without offending the one we interact to create constructive relationships”, explained Vlad Ianusevici.

Young people have created a list of qualities necessary for a leader and tried to explain why people do not trust their own qualities. The trainer told them about the types of leaders, noting that there is no perfect pattern of leadership; good leaders are those who conform and can handle any situation, according to the theory of Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard. Thus, they defined four types of leaders: psychologist, mayor, teacher and policeman. According to this theory, the cop sets deadlines and supervises the work; the teacher establishes a common vision and the steps needed to achieve the goal; psychologist listens carefully, respects opinions, interacts with each participant and comes with a feed-back; the Mayor distributes tasks, monitors their implementation and comes with comments. Therefore, said the instructor, a leader needs a combination of those four types of leadership.

And because the leader is also part of the team and without knowing well the members can not be an efficient leader, young people have analyzed the types of members in a team: from the lazy bumblebee to the most active involved.

School for political leadership is a project implemented by IDIS “Viitorul” with the financial support of the Hanns-Seidel Foundation and aims to train young political leaders from Moldova.

For details contact the Project Coordinator at the phone number 0 22 221844 or
Home / Events / „Get out of the box!” About leaders and their qualities
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