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Unwritten goals remain sterile dreams
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Unwritten goals remain sterile dreams and positive thoughts ensure your success. However, dreams would not be possible without an efficient communication. There are only a few examples of stories tips from the trainer Olga Nicolenco, gender expert, communication and electoral strategies in the framework of the 8th module, entitled “Social and political campaigns”.

During those three weeks how lasted this module, young participants of School for political leadership were involved in several activities aiming to develop necessary traits of a successful leader. The young people learned how to make a captivating speech, practicing tricks to capture audience attention and the use of strengths in a public presentation. In this context, a special chapter represented the importance of gestures and the body language.

Olga Nicolenco highlighted the main qualities that a leader must have: the ability to communicate and to express its messages, an increased personal motivation, creativity and a lot of volunteering. "Leadership is an attitude, not a position; leadership is power, but not on humans; a leader must be the first, and to inspire confidence to others", exemplified the trainer.

A leader must be different and make decisions. In this context, young people had solved many difficult cases, using their skills of persuasion.

But a leader can not act alone and needs a team. How to manage a team was another challenge for young people. As exercise, they reviewed the team of Moldova's Governing Alliance and the best political leaders in Moldova.

Young people learned what a good strategy for preparing an election campaign means, identifying strengths, risks and moments that should be avoided.

School for political leadership is a project implemented by IDIS “Viitorul” with the financial support of the Hanns-Seidel Foundation and aims to train young political leaders from Moldova.

For details contact the Project Coordinator at the phone number 0 22 221844 or
Home / Events / Unwritten goals remain sterile dreams
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