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The Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) Viitorul is a research, education and outreach organization which activates in the field of economic analysis, governance, law, political sciences, strategic and organizational science. It was set up in June 1993 in Moldova as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, non-political entity. The IDIS’s mission is to contribute to the growth of independent thinking environment in Moldova and in other emerging democracies; to contribute to the strengthening of the local and regional governments; to assist the expansion of the civil society in which the citizens act together to express their own interests, to exchange information and to strive for mutual goals and influence government.

IDIS is also a common platform that brings together young intellectuals who are concerned with the models of transition towards the free market and the open society. IDIS helps them to contribute with their energies, values and virtues, providing its logistic, moral and intellectual support and advices them regarding their future projects and initiatives. Consistent with this mission, IDIS has forged several linkages between the academic and policy-making environments, generating policy analysis and recommendations for various areas of public interest, creating and disseminating of the best practices, good governance, and economic analysis.

We believe in the moral argument of liberal democracy, free markets and peaceful cooperation as an incentive for long-lasting transformation in the South East Europe. Only through liberal democracy and free market can Moldova and other countries of the region achieve dignified, peaceful and prosperous life. Regional cooperation with similar think tanks from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries of the South Eastern Europe is crucial for achieving these goals.

There are four major areas in which we work:

· processes linked to political transformations in Moldova and other countries of the region,

· economic analysis and forecast,

· governance, i.e. local and regional government’s technical support and training, and

· academic research, networking and support in ensuring necessary preconditions for peace, security and cooperation in the region.

We think that adequate understanding of these problems is a key for the further development of our countries and societies. Therefore we undertake professional research, but also broad public discussion at different levels, and public awareness campaigns. Our societies should learn how to face their problems and look for their adequate remedies; rather then follow paths defined by others, or display a reactive approach.

Of particular interest to IDIS are the issues related to the conflict transformation and peaceful settlement of ‘frozen conflicts’ in the ex-Soviet space, economic, political and security links that secure and stabilize the pace of democratic transformation in the ex/soviet space and the common neighborhoods of EU and NATO, the emerging Black Sea-Baltic Sea dimension of cooperation. In 2004/05, IDIS Experts contributed and later advocated for the ‘3D Strategy’. Our activities follow this reasoning.

We undertake research and monitoring of targeted issues of public interest, plan and undertake publishing, organize conferences and discussions in different formats, produce social advertising and participate regularly in talk shows, and are involved in various forms of public education and policy support. We cooperate with different organizations as well as government institutions when this corresponds to our values and goals. We facilitate international and academic exchanges, organizes and support outreach projects, take active part to the public debates and organizes civic education campaigns.

External Affiliations:

IDIS is today associated with several networks and international organizations: Member of EPIN (Economic Policy Institute Network of the UNDP). It is also a Member of the PASOS (Policy Association of the Open Society) and NISPAcee (The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe). In Moldova, IDIS 'Viitorul' is working in partnership with several think tanks and consultancy organizations (BCI, Contact, Adept, National Leagues of the Associations of Mayors, Agency for Regional Development through Local Autonomy, etc). IDIS 'Viitorul' has special links with the Academy of Economic Studies (Moldova), the Faculty of Sociology and Social Works of the University of Bucharest,


Dr. Igor Munteanu, Executive Director
Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) ‘Viitorul’
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E-mail:, Web:

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