Subiectele cursurilor pentru Scoala de Instruire Politica 2011
Subiectele cursurilor Scolii de Instruire Politica 2011



21-22 October

Concepts of political learning and political leadership

28-29 October

Post-communist transit patterns in former USSR

4-5 November

Political doctrines & party profiles: analysis

11-12 November

Party systems and mechanism of controlling political elites. Coalition building and advocacy groups: methodologies and techniques of public mobilization

18-19 November

Political Campaign/Techniques to win

25-26 November

Management of crises: tools of evaluation and forecasting

2-3 December

The art of Survey / Qualitative Measurement

Public Survey – tool of knowledge or manipulation of society

9-10 December

The Spiral of Silence: understanding political action/inaction

16-17 December

Communication techniques

Presentation in electronic media

Leadership: Motivation the Art of Presentations


Economic Policies: evaluation instruments and methods


Economic Analysis and Transition


Social protection and social benefits: targets, salary, and employment


Introduction in Public Policies; Public Policy Module: How to understand study cases


Decentralization Agenda of RM: regulations and reform


European Integration experience: lessons learnt by RM


Structure of the European Funds, Transborder cooperation, Concepts of development


Security Sector Reforms in Eastern Europe


Public speech and oratorical techniques

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